Getting the Most from Your Checking Relationship

This month’s content is all about checking, and an opportunity for you to feature all the rich benefits and options included in your checking account line up. It’s a simple but powerful message that bears repeating, even for your current account holders. Maybe it’s time for those that have chosen a simple checking account to move up to the next level, but they have just been putting it off. What better time than springtime to renew your focus on financial wellness, and that starts with getting the most from your checking.

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Getting the Most from Your Checking Relationship

With spring now officially underway it’s time to kick off the season by making sure you are getting the most from your checking account relationship. At <FINANCIAL INSTITUTION> we have a checking account that is right for everyone, at every stage of their financial lifetime. Maybe it’s the right time to upsize your checking account with additional benefits for you and your family.

1. Worry-free Banking Benefits – Our checking accounts include the convenience of our network of surcharge-free ATMs, neighborhood locations, flexible branch hours, and peace of mind knowing that your deposits are covered up to $250,000 by <FDIC or NCUA>.

2. Team of Professionals, here for you – Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are eager to help you meet your goals.

3. More Savings and Benefits by Using Your Account Wisely – Let us show you how to use your account to its maximum advantage, such as [earning $ per swipe, earning interest on average daily balances, using debit card X times per month to avoid account maintenance fees]

4. Tons of Account Freebies – Mobile and online banking, remote deposit, free debit card, and free paper statements are just a few of the things you receive as part of <every checking account or our<TYPE> account>.

5. Competitive Rates – With our <TYPE> account you can earn interest and take advantage of loan discounts, as well.


[Personalize the section below to reflect benefits included in your Checking Account Programs. Do not hesitate to reach out to your NXG Account Manager if you need any assistance.]


6. Plus, with <TYPE> account you are entitled to these additional features that on their own could easily cost you more than $50 per month.


If you are already a <TYPE> checking account holder, you’re ahead of the game and set up with great savings.

Looking for ways that you can save even more? We’re only a click, tap, or phone call away. Reach out today – we are here to provide you with personalized guidance and can help you find the financial products and services that meet your needs.


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Post #1: We know it can be challenging to spend less and save more. <FINANCIAL INSTITUTION> is here to help you find ways to save money – and it could be as simple as taking full advantage of the benefits that come with your checking account. Remember, every penny counts! Find out more <INSERT LINK TO ARTICLE>. #YourFinancialPartner

Post #2: Your checking account should do more than just hold your money! Experience the added perks of our checking accounts, like free access to telehealth services and professional fraud remediation. #CheckingAccountBenefits #BankingPerks #FinancialSecurity

Post #3: Life is unpredictable, but your financial security doesn't have to be. Explore the benefits of our checking accounts, including mobile phone protection and professional fraud remediation. #FinancialSecurity #CheckingAccountBenefits #StayProtected

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Help your account holders stay connected with Mobile Phone Protection. This one-of-a-kind benefit offers insurance against cracked, smashed, bashed, or stolen phones that you may own. By adding this feature to your checking or savings account as an added benefit of account ownership, you can provide valuable protection and support your other mobile banking initiatives. Ask your NXG Client Manager for more information.

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Help your account holders optimize their drive with Fuel Rewards®. They can save up to 5¢/gal on every fill-up and there are even more savings when they link their debit or credit card. Account holders can save with participating retailers and restaurants, either in-store or online, through the Fuel Rewards® app. Talk to your Client Manager today about how you can put your account holders in the driver's seat for fuel savings and more!