Alert: HCA Healthcare Experiences Breach of Patient Data

Nashville-based HCA Healthcare, one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services to 180 hospitals and 2,300 other medical providers in 20 states and the UK, has experienced a breach of patient data. The investigation into this incident is ongoing but appears to have included 27 million rows of data for approximately 11 million HCA Healthcare patients.

On July 10, 2023, HCA Healthcare announced in a press release that "a list of some of its patients was made available by an unknown and unauthorized party on an online forum." 

This breached list contains various patients' personal information including name, address, DOB, gender, service dates, and more.

This list, according to HCA Healthcare, does NOT contain clinical information such as treatment, diagnosis, payment information such as credit card numbers, or sensitive information such as passwords or Social Security numbers.

Your account holders can find out if they live in an affected state and view ongoing updates about this breach by visiting


According to the release, HCA Healthcare "will offer credit monitoring and identity protection services, where appropriate. [The company encourages] patients to remain vigilant in identifying calls, emails, or SMS texts which appear to be spam or fraudulent. Additionally, patients should never open links or attachments sent from untrusted sources."

While educating your account holders about the ongoing dangers of breached data, please also remind them that your financial institution is thinking ahead. You have given your account holders the power of professional Identity Theft Recovery Advocates standing by, ready to help. When identity theft strikes, we have your back! 

Please contact your NXG Account Manager if you have any questions or you need assistance.