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We understand how time consuming it is to develop content to educate your account holders and promote your products and services. That's why NXG Strategies provides relevant, risk-related content to help you connect with these consumers and further strengthen your relationships. Each month, NXG produces a content guide called nxg|NOW which includes information that you can reuse in your print or online communications.  We’ve also included a series of timely social media messages designed to focus your account holders on making your institution top-of-wallet.

As an NXG partner, your organization has access to this custom content, curated monthly for the exclusive use and distribution of our partners. Use this content to inform your account holders through your organization's newsletters, blogs, social media, websites or wherever you communicate with your customers.

You can find a list of the most recent nxg|NOW guides below, or you can click on the date on the left menu, or use our handy Index.


2024 Content

July 2024 - Healthy Password Habits

June 2024 - Financial Literacy Series: Budgeting Basics

May 2024 - Financial Literacy Series: Understanding Credit Scores

March 2024 - Getting the Most from Your Checking Relationship

February 2024 - Improve Financial and Physical Fitness in 2024

January 2024 - Why You've Made the Right Choice

2023 Content

December 2023 - Ending The Year Safe From Tax Fraud 

November 2023 - Unlock the Power of Your Credit Score in 2024

October 2023 - Identity Theft Can Happen to Anyone 

September 2023 - Avoiding Child Identity Theft

August 2023 - Skimming and Gluing: Two Criminal Practices to Watch For

July 2023 - Another Data Breach Notification? Don't Get Data Breach Fatigue.

June 2023 - The Growing Threat of Phishing

May 2023 - Identity Theft by the Numbers

April  2023 - Good Credit Habits to Protect Your Financial Future

March 2023 -  Tax Season Scams

February 2023 -  Medical Identity Theft

January 2023 -  Five Scams that Rose to the Top in 2022

2022 Content

November 2022 - Four Common Mobile Phone Security Threats

October 2022 - Avoid Money Transfer App Scams

September 2022  - See Yourself in Cyber

August  2022  - Protecting the Older People in Our Lives from Becoming Victims of Scams

July 2022  - Student Loan Scams - What You Need to Know

June 2022  - Device Protection - Is Your Personal Information Safe?

May 2022  - The Coming of Age of Telehealth Services

April 2022 - Amazon Impersonators: Why This Scam is So Successful

March 2022 - Your Top Questions about Tax Identity Theft, Answered

February 2022 - Are You Unknowingly a Money Mule? 

January 2022 - Five Ways to Keep Identity Thieves Guessing

2021 Content

December 2021 - Protecting Children from Identity Theft

November 2021 - Your Credit Score and Identity Theft

October 2021 - Skimmers and Shimmers

September 2021 - Do Your Part, Be CyberSmart

August 2021 - Social Media: 5 Scams that Work

July 2021- Protect the Elderly Against Timeless Scams that Work

June 2021 - The Rise of Digital Wallets and Contactless Transactions

May 2021 - Home Title Theft. Is it Real?

April 2021 - COVD-19 Vaccine Scams Putting Your Identity at Risk

March 2021 - Tax Fraud: The IRS Dirty Dozen List

February 2021 - Unemployment Fraud: All too easy. All too scary.

January 2021 - Top 10 Identity Theft Myths

2020 Content

December 2020 - Synthetic Identity Theft and the Holidays

November 2020 - Online Holiday Shopping – Buyer Beware!

October 2020 - My Identity Has Been Stolen. Now What?

September 2020 - Dangers of the Dark Web: A Criminal's Perspective

August 2020 - Dangers of the Dark Web: A Personal Perspective

July 2020 - Dangers of the Dark Web

June 2020 - Elder Abuse Awareness Month

May 2020 - New Normal, New Risks, Same Criminals

April 2020 - Facebook Quizzes - More than Just a Game

March 2020 - You Have the Power

February 2020 - Countdown to the Top 10 most Outrageous Hacks, Cyber Attacks, and Breaches of 2019

January 2020 - Tax Identity Theft Awareness